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living your life through faith in christ

We believe that the Christian life is first and foremost found in the life of Jesus Christ.  We have life and being, forgiveness and salvation through our Lord.  We truly live, rest, and receive strength first from Him in our Divine Services on Sunday Mornings.  Because of our renewed, justified, and sanctified life, we use our time, gifts, abilities, and treasures as tools which the Lord has blessed and provided for us. We encourage all Christians but especially our members to get involved and use their time, talents, and treasures to the glory of our Lord in Heaven. 

help. give. get involved.



The Lord has given each of us wonderful gifts, talents, abilities, and treasures in which we are to manage well. There are numerous ways to get involved at Saint James.  We encourage you to visit and talk with the Pastor. 


If you would like to give your offering or feel led to donate to the various ministries Saint James supports; you can give online.

Our online giving option is still under construction, but is coming soon!


We encourage our members from all ages to get involved and support the work of God through the work of Saint James. There is always something you can do... 


We encourage you to get in contact with Pastor about ways you can get involved, whether it's attending a Bible study, volunteering around the church building or even a new membership class.

Live in Christ

The Lord is always providing all our daily needs. Therefore, we live out the sanctified life through our faith in Jesus Christ; loving God and loving our neighbor, whomever it may be.

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